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Editing mode and topic management

When you open the course, you are in reading mode. To modify the course content, you must turn on the so-called edit mode using the Turn editing on button under the course title.

You can only edit courses in which you have the role of “teacher”.


The content of the course (activities and study materials) is divided into sections or topics. You can move sections or items in a section by dragging the button Move (1.). To rename the section, you can click on the button with a pencil picture (2.) or edit the section title and description by clicking on icon –> Edit topic (3.). You can add content to each topic using the Add an activity or resource button (4.).

Edit section
Edit section

Edit item in a topic

Every single item in a topic has the following settings:

  • Edit settings contains all item settings.
  • Move right or Move left can be used to visually divide a topic.
  • Hide or Show – hide or show an item for students. This setting is described in details on the page Module visibility and access restrictions.
  • Duplicate – making a copy of the activity, resource or a description. You can then edit it, move it, etc.
  • Assign roles – by assigning a role to a user in a context, you are granting them the permissions contained in that role, for the current context and all lower contexts. For example, if a user is assigned the role of student in a course, they will also have the role of student for all activities and blocks within the course. More information.
  • Delete an item.

Add new topic

You can add new topics with the button Add topics in the bottom right corner.

Course format

Course format determines the overall look of the course. This setting can be found in the course menu: Course administration –> Settings –> Course format. It contains settings according to the selected course format.

Course format setting
Course format setting


The format of the course determines the appearance of the main course page. All course formats have this setting.

  • Social format – a forum is displayed on the course page.
  • Topics format – the course page is organized into topic sections.
  • Weekly format – the course page is organized into weekly sections, with the first week starting on the course start date.
  • Single activity format – the course page will have only one section with one activity or resource. Once this format is selected, you must choose the type of activity for the course.

Hidden section

This setting determines whether hidden sections are displayed to students in collapsed form (perhaps for a course in weekly format to indicate holidays) or are completely hidden. Topics and weekly formats have this setting.

  • Hidden sections are shown in collapsed form (default) – students will see a small (usually grey) area that indicates the location of the hidden section, but it does not contain links to activities or text written directly into the body of the section. This method is particularly useful in a weekly course format, as it allows you to clearly mark the weeks in which there are no classes.
  • Skryté sekce se nezobrazují vůbec – topics are completely hidden, students will not be aware of their placement in the course at all.

Course layout

This setting determines whether the whole course is displayed on one page or split over several pages. Topics and weekly formats have this setting.