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Common module settings

Each module has its own settings, but they all have a common section - Common module settings. You can find it when you add a new module or edit an existing activity or resource (Edit –> Edit Settings).

Example of module common setting
Example of module common setting


Availability is whether the module is visible or hidden for students on the course page. If availability is set to “Hide from students”, the activity or resource is only available to users with permission to view hidden activities (by default, these are users with the role of teacher or teacher without edit permission).

ID number

The ID number setting provides a way to identify activity for calculating grades. If the activity is not included in the grade calculation, it can be left blank.

Force language

This setting affects course page language. If “Do not force” option is chosen (default), the course page will be displayed depending on user preferences.

Group mode

If students in the course are divided into groups, it is recommended to use this setting to hide modules based on groups. There are three types of group mode:

  • No groups – group mode is not enabled in the course, and all students can see all posts (unless individual modules or sections are hidden from students, more on the page Module visibility and access restrictions).
  • Separate groups – each group member can only see other members of their group and their posts, and other groups are invisible to them.
  • Visible groups – members of each group work within their group, but they can also see other groups but cannot interfere with them.

The group mode defined at course level is the default mode for all activities within the course. Each activity that supports groups can also define its own group mode, though if the group mode is forced at course level, the group mode setting for each activity is ignored.


A grouping is a collection of groups within a course. If a grouping is selected, students assigned to groups within the grouping will be able to work together.