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Glossary of terms

Here you can find the most important terms that you can encounter while using Moodle FEE.

Common terms

Term Explanation
course Course taught on FEE - it has its own code, teachers, can be enrolled in KOS.
Moodle course Moodle abstraction - a page in Moodle FEE, where instructors can upload their materials or assignments for their students.
course instance Course “version” for specific semester.
KOS course Moodle course, which is connected to one or more courses in KOS. It draws users, instructors, exam groups and other data from it.
Local course Moodle course, which is not connected to any external service.
local manager A person in each department who has higher rights in Moodle FEE - can create and manage all courses in his/her department. At the same time, this should be a user who is familiar with the system, so that he/she can advise the teachers of his/her department if necessary.
administrator A person who administers Moodle FEE. They have the highest rights in the system.

Semester states

You can read more about creating and archiving semesters on the Scheduled events in Moodle FEE page.

Term Explanation
scheduled semester Semestr upcoming to the current one. New courses can be created in it, but by default they are hidden from students.
current semester Semester in which courses are currently taught.
archived semester Semester preceding the current one. Its contents are archived and cannot be edited.