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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions or problems, sorted according to your role in Moodle FEE. You can view the answer to the question by clicking on the question text.

Are you missing an answer to a common problem here? Please feel free to contact us via the link in the left side menu. We will be happy to post the question and answer here.


If your login does not work in other faculty/school systems, please contact CTU support.

If the problem is related only to Moodle FEE, please contact us via the link in the left side menu.

Yes, all Moodle courses are due to the Filing and Shredding Regulations (Czech only) archived for a minimum of 5 years.

Moodle FEE is a critical system for our faculty; therefore, a backup of the entire system takes place every day, at 3:00am. In order to ensure the consistency of this backup, it is necessary to temporarily deny access to all users so that they cannot modify data in any way during the backup.

We have tried to adjust the time of backup so that as few users as possible are affected.

Student section

The synchronization of Moodle course participants in Moodle always takes place at midnight - so if your enrolment took place in the last 24 hours, please wait. If you need to see the Moodle course content immediately, please contact your teacher, who can perform a manual synchronization of participants according to the current data from KOS.

If your enrollment was more than 48 hours ago and you still do not see the Moodle course on your dashboard, please contact us using the link in the left side menu.

The content of the Moodle course is probably hidden from its students. Please contact your teacher.

At the beginning of the semester it often happens that Erasmus students have only a temporary account in KOS, and a normal account is created during the first two weeks of the semester. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about this, however, we can set up a temporary account for you in a case of emergency.

If after the first 14 days of the semester you are still missing some Moodle courses, please contact us via the link in the left side menu.

Teacher section

The primary data source for Moodle FEE is KOS. Therefore, check that you are registered as a course teacher there. If you are not, ask your registrar to enroll you and then wait for the nightly synchronization of users.

If you are enrolled in KOS, contact your local manager and ask for their assistance - in most cases they can identify the problem. If a new Moodle course needs to be created for the course (the course has not yet been taught in Moodle), your local manager will need the following information:

  • a list of courses (ideally their codes) for which you want to set up a Moodle course;
    • Multiple courses can be “grouped” and a single Moodle course can be created for them - this feature can be useful, e.g. if you teach a course in the full-time and part-time mode at the same time. This way you don’t have to manage identical content for multiple Moodle courses.
    • This way you can “group” only courses that are taught in the same semesters. Thus you cannot group a single course taught only in the winter semester, and another taught only in the summer semester.
  • the semester in which the Moodle course is to be created;
    • Moodle courses are always linked to individual semesters. The time periods when each semester is created in Moodle can be found on the Scheduled events page.
  • the template to be used for the Moodle course.
    • The newly created Moodle course can be completely blank when created, or it can contain a welcome template with basic information about how to navigate the Moodle course, or even copied content from already existing Moodle course.

Yes, Moodle supports similar syntax to CourseWare:

  • to link to a course in the current semester, use an address of the form, where CODE is your course code;
  • to link to a course in a particular semester, use an address of the form, where CODE is your course code and SEM is the code for that semester (e.g., B222).
Access to the Moodle course is controlled by the visibility settings. For more information, please visit the Course visibility page.

We back up Moodle course contents every day - if you need a backup, please contact us via the link in the left side menu.

However, you can create and upload backups yourself - there is a Backup/Restore function on the Course management page. Detailed instructions are currently in preparation.

In the first place, you can contact your local manager - a teacher from your department who has higher rights in Moodle FEL, and is also very familiar with the system. Their current list can be found HERE.

At the same time, we try to organize workshops and sessions for all FEE teachers during the academic year in order to increase their user experience, and improve the content of the Moodle courses they create. We always announce the dates of these sessions well in advance via mass email.

However, if you have a specific problem, we also offer individual consultations where we will be happy to advise you. If you are interested in this consultation, please contact us via the link in the left side menu.