Moodle FEE Docs
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Moodle provides a powerful and helpful module for managing assessments and grades. Instructors can only see student grades in their courses, and students can only see their grades, not the grades of their colleagues (so grading on Moodle completes privacy and GDPR requirements).

Logging of edit history works here as in the other parts of the system. It allows instructors to see who made changes to the assessment, when, and how.

How it works

The grade module links to the other activities (assignments, tests, attendance, and more.) When you add an activity to a course, a corresponding item/column automatically creates in the grade module. However, you can also add an item that is not linked to any activity — for example, a grade for a test written on paper outside the Moodle environment.

You set the grades in the module at the beginning of the semester and then categorize and modify them to match your expectations. If you need help or advice with setting up your grades, email us, and we will help you with the creation and setup.

Gradebook setup

Edit calculation